Paganism and Witchcraft

Anatomy of a Witch by Laura Tempest Zakroff
A Witch’s Guide to Spellcraft by Althaea Sebastiani
Besom, Stang & Sword By Christopher Orapello and Tara-Love Maguire
By Rust of Nail & Prick of Thorn by Althaea Sebastiani
City Magick by Christopher Penczak
Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller
Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
Elements of Witchcraft Series by Lilith Dorsey, Astrea Taylor, Josephine Winter, and Dodie Graham McKay
Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes
Encyclopedia of Spirits Judika Illes
Encyclopedia of Witchcraft by Judika Illes
Four Elements of the Wise by Ivo Dominguez
Honoring Your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise
Intuitive Witchcraft by Astrea Taylor
Keys to Perception by Ivo Dominguez
Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials by Kerri Connor, Melanie Marquis, Deborah Blake, Susan Moonwriter Pesznecker and Carl F. Neal,
Mastering Magick by Mat Auryn
Modern Witch by Devin Hunter
New World Witchery by Cory Thomas Hutcheson
Of Blood and Bones by Kate Freuler
Paganism for Beginners by Althaea Sebastiani
Paganism In Depth by John Beckett
Protection & Reversal Magick by Jason Miller
Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn
Queering Your Craft by Cassandra Snow
Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox
Seasons of a Magical Life by H. Byron Ballard
Sigil Witchery Laura Tempest Zakroff
Six ways by Aiden Wachter
Spirit Allies by Christopher Penczak
Temple of Witchcraft Series by Christopher Penczak
The Altar Within by Juliet Diaz
The Book of Candle Magic by Madame Pamita
The Crooked Path by Kelden
The Elements of Spellcrafting by Jason Miller
The Horned God of the Witches by Jason Mankey
The Path of Paganism by John Beckett
The Plant Spirit Familiar by Christopher Penczak
The Sorcerer’s Secrets by Jason Miller
The Witch at the Forest’s Edge by Christine Grace
The Witch’s Book of Mysteries by Devin Hunter
The Witch’s Book of Power by Devin Hunter
The Witch’s Book of Spellcraft by Jason Mankey
The Witch’s Book of Spirits by Devin Hunter
The Witch’s Name by Storm Faerywolf
The Witch’s Path by Thorn Mooney
The Witches’ Sabbath by Kelden
The Witch’s Shield by Christopher Penczak
The Witch’s Tools Series by Deborah Blake, Alferian Gwydion MacLir, Jason Mankey, Mickie Mueller, and Laura Tempest Zakroff
To Walk a Pagan Path by Alaric Albertsson
Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison
Weaving Fate by Aiden Wachter
Witchcraft Activism by David Salisbury
Witch’s Wheel of the Year by Jason Mankey
Year of the Witch by Temperance Alden


Archetypal Tarot by Mary K. Greer and Theresa Reed
Going Beyond the Little White Book by Liz Worth
Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen
How to Learn Tarot by Jess Carlson
Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow
Seventy Eight Degrees Wisdom by Rachel Pollack
Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens
Tarot for Troubled Times by Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed
Tarot For Your Self by Mary K. Greer and Benebell Wen
Tarot: Get the Whole Story by James Ricklef
Tarot Interactions by Deborah Lipp
Tarot No Questions Asked by Theresa Reed and Rachel Pollack
Tarot Shadow Work by Christine Jette
The Magic of Tarot by Sasha Graham
The Power of Tarot by Liz Worth
Understanding the Tarot Court by Mary K. Greer and Tom Little
Your Tarot Court by Ethony Dawn

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